Anti-Spam Policy Anti-Spam Policy

Text Spam, Mobile Spam, Text Messaging is determined to keep it off of your mobile phone.

Our Policy

The text messaging system allows only verified opt-in subscriptions. It ensures that all subscribers can opt-out quickly, easily and permanently from unwanted Text communications. This is done either from our website or by sending a text message from your phone to the sending number with the word 'STOP'.

Our Definition of Spam

We consider any unsolicited, unexpected or unwanted text message to be Spam. We do NOT allow use of third party lists, whether consent has been gathered or not. We believe that any type of communication sent to a subscriber about an unrelated subject the subscriber did not request is Spam. Anti-Spam policy: follows an ANTI-SPAM policy for all of its communication protocols. This means that we do not condone UNSOLICITED TEXT MESSAGES; NOTIFICATIONS; ALERTS OR ANY MESSAGES THAT YOU MAY RECEIVE FROM SOMEONE WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER. Please let us know about any abuse including the sender ID, your Mobile Number; the date and time you received it and the contents of the message. To report any abuse or violations of inappropriate use of our service, please contact us with your comments/complaints. Your report will be registered and the Client will be investigated for violations of our Anti-Spam Policy. The identity of any individual reporting abuse will be kept confidential.

SMS Text Messaging API

On our terms and conditions agreement, our Clients specifically agree NOT to use to send unsolicited Text Messages or Spam. Our Clients agree to our Opt-In only policy for their communication list. All Text Messages sent using can be tracked and so removed from the sender list. We support OPT-OUT / REMOVE / UNSUBSCRIBE. Clients have the ability to remove mobile numbers. If we suspect a violation of our Anti-Spam policy, we will contact the Client and discuss the Client options, which may range from a warning, to termination of service for that Client. To the best of our knowledge, our system adheres to ALL state and national laws regarding sending unsolicited bulk / group text messages.


If you wish to remove yourself from any list, please email us at with an "OPT-OUT", "UNSUBSCRIBE", "STOP" or "REMOVE" in the subject line. You also may reply to the text Message received by replying with STOP. Finally, you may send a text message containing the word "STOP" to the number it originated from with your phone.
Please let us know about any abuse, including your Mobile Number, the date and time you received it and the contents of the message. You will be removed from that list and the Client will be restricted from adding your mobile number to their list in the future.