Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Getting started for the first time is easy. You can click "Sign Up Here" at the top right side of our Home Page. Once there, create your user profile by completing the required information in each section. You will be sent a system email confirmation after you register. Open your email and click on the link to activate your account. You must go back to our home page at www.texttide.com to log in every time you wish to use your account. Once you pay your initial one time activation fee, you will have the ability to purchase text packages and start your campaign.

Activation Fee

We are currently not charging Activation Fees to new users.

Website Hosting and Website+ Text

We offer Quarterly Website Hosting. Included in our price is the cost of one Domain Name. Also your package includes up to 10 Email accounts @yourdomainname.com. We offer stand alone Hosting AND Hosting+ Text. All of our Hosting plans are billed and payable on a Quarterly basis.

Payment Methods

We offer 3 payment methods. You can pay us by check for your initial setup or, built into our software are 2 additional payment methods. 1) PayPal. A trusted industry leader allowing you to use your existing PayPal account. You can also use Visa, MasterCard or Discover inside the PayPal Portal. 2) We have partnered with 2CheckOut.com. This is our Credit Card Clearing Company that allows you to use Visa, MasterCard, Discover and 5 other payment methods in 20+ currencies in 15 different languages. We also have MONTHLY packages if you prefer to enter your payment information just once. Your account will be debited with an automatic top off once every 3 months until you decide to stop. You will see in our monthly packages a deeper discount for our regular customers. We bill this one time for every 3 months. You will see the total for the monthly package is 3 times the monthly rate and the text credits are 3 times the monthly amount. We do this because we are offering deeper discounts with these packages and expect you to use the service for at least 3 months.

Am I stuck in a contract?

There is NEVER any obligation to continue with our service. We think you will, so when you're ready just log into your account and add more credits using the same payment method you started with. We do ask that when you purchase one of our Monthly Packages that you commit to at least 3 months. We ask this because we are giving you a discounted rate for a MONTHLY Package. See above.

What are Key Words?

Key Words are the SOUL of your marketing campaign. Key words should be specific and memorable for your business. You should consider using your Business Name as your Key Word. If your Business Name is too long, consider useing a key word that your customers will recognize. Be CREATIVE and think of a Key Word that no one else would use, but identify your business in such a way that there would be NO DOUBT your Customers will be thinking of YOU when they text your Key Word to your number. We can assist you in this start up process to help maximize your marketing potential.

Remember, if you're using regular long code (full 10 digit phone numbers) you can have UNLIMITED key words. Example: If you are a school, we would suggest having the following key words. Faculty, Parents, Students, Soccer Team, Baseball Team, Football Team etc. This way you can communicate with each key word group individually or all at the same time. Send Baseball Team: No practice tonight due to parent-teacher night.

What is a Website Widget?

OK, what on earth is a Website Widget? Glad you asked, see above. If you already have a website (We can host your website very reasonably. Just ask) you can easily create your very own Website Widget to be added to your Home Page or any other page of your site. The code will be automatically written for you based on the information you put into the question fields. This Widget can be copy / pasted onto your existing website that gives your customers yet another way to opt-in to your message campaign. (OK, we can't make this any easier to get your Customer Base hanging on your EVERY WORD)

Can I have a Contest?

Every Service Industry should consider having a contest. Give some lucky LOYAL Customer a prize for following your OPT-IN Text Campaign. It doesn't have to be anything serious. Maybe a free appetizer. Everyone wants to WIN something. Who knows, they may bring a friend or three to help collect. This translates to Customers IN Your DOOR.

Can I Poll My Customers?

Yes you CAN! A Customer Poll can give you valuable insight as to how they perceive your business. You may consider asking your OPT-IN Customers what their favorite menu item is. You could ask them who their favorite Band is. Anything you can think of should be considered. This all adds up to VALUABLE INFORMATION that most Business Owners will never know unless they ask. It's Fast, Easy and Inexpensive. The results can be Priceless with REAL TIME Information at your fingertips.

What is a QR Code and where can I get one?

Wikipedia says a QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square grid on a white background, which can be read by an imaging device (such as a camera, scanner, smart phone etc.) and processed using Reed–Solomon error correction until the image can be appropriately interpreted. The required data is then extracted from patterns that are present in both horizontal and vertical components of the image.

What does this mean for YOU? Well, I'm glad you asked. Our Handy Dandy program gives you the ability to instantly make your very own QR code and display it anywhere you think someone can scan it and get information about your business. You can put your personalized QR Code on your newspaper ad, your magazine ad, your Real Estate sign, in the entry of your business or anywhere you think someone will take out their phone, scan your code and get instant information about your business. Once scanned, the QR code will redirect your device to the webpage you have designated.. We say VERY HANDY in today's world of IMMEDIATE INFORMATION...

Shared Short Code

Shared Short Code is a little different than dedicated short code. Shared means exactly what it implies, SHARED. This same code will be shared with several other businesses that have purchased into a SHARED LEASE for the same number. Example: one of our shared short codes is 62687. We use this in lieu of a full 10 digit phone number. It looks kewl, it's easier to remember and most of all, it makes your customer feel like they are doing business with a LARGE Corporation. These short code numbers are also perfect for sending out THOUSANDS of bulk messages at the same time as they are specifically built for this. Now for the downside of shared short code numbers. You will not have the ability to have two way communications. Our software has the ability to have text to email and email to text. Shared short codes can not accommodate this. We also have Polls, Contests and several other types of two way communication built in. In order to use ALL of our features, you will need to use the normal 10 digit dedicated phone numbers. Let me also say that key words for shared short codes are a premium. Since this same number is shared with several other groups, your key word will be harder to secure. By using a regular ten digit phone number, you will have the ability to have as many Key Word Groups as you want. We only recommend that as your list grows, please add another long code number to your mix as to not make the phone company think you are spamming blind marketing lists. Our software will allow for multiple long code phone numbers and round robin these numbers when sending out VERY LARGE text blasts taking pressure off any one number. We provide additional phone numbers to you as needed at no additional charge.